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Trigeminal neuralgia is a disorder of paroxysmal and severely disabling facial pain and continues to be a real therapeutic challenge to the clinicians. While the exact cause and pathology of this disorder is uncertain, it is thought that trigeminal neuralgia caused by irritation of the trigeminal nerve.

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is one of the most painful disorders known and may be second only to cluster headaches in degree of pain it produces. Like cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia is also known by many as the suicide disease. A study by Liang, Huang and Hsu (2007) was the first to speak directly to the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of TN, there are several other studies of.

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CBD In Trigeminal Neuralgia | CBD Can Bring Relief In TN – Luckily, cannabinoids like CBD can produce anti neuralgic effects and intervene in pain management of the nerves linked with Trigeminal Neuralgia. What Trigeminal Neuralgia Means Image Source. This disorder results in facial pain which is linked to the trigeminal nerve responsible for transmitting sensation from the brain towards the face. The trigeminal nerve accounts for the communication of every sensory information emanating from the face and head.

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However, all the promising recent studies with cannabinoids (key active ingredients in cannabis) and trigeminal neuralgia have used THC alone or 50:50 THC and CBD. CBD has been shown to be effective with many forms of neuropathy and many believe that it shows promise with TN. If it doesn’t work for you, you might speak w.

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